You're MORE than just a caregiver.

Your life matters, too!

Hey there, Mama!

Did you give up your hopes and dreams to become a caregiver to your autistic child? 

Are you just going through the motions instead of truly living? Yes, of course you love your child with every fiber of your being. Yes, you'll do anything for them.

But you miss your old life. And you feel SO guilty for feeling this way!

It's not just you.

We've all been there. But here's some good news: there's a better way!

You can be a good autism mom AND live a happy, fulfilled life!

Picture yourself starting that business you've always wanted, finally getting into shape, enjoying a creative outlet or just getting a good night's sleep. And while you do these things - BECAUSE YOU DO THESE THINGS - your child is happy, healthy and making developmental progress.


Yes, you have time for this

As a single mom of an 8-year-old boy with severe autism, I know your time is valuable.

I know you're tired. I know you feel like you can't possibly do one. more. thing.

But you SO need this.

Yes, you can afford it

I see you, putting everybody else first. Spending hundreds of dollars to take your kids to Disney, buying them the toys and the clothes and all the things while you're still wearing your maternity underwear. The Cabana is only $24 a month - that's less than one therapy co-pay. You deserve it!

Your life is different, not less!

We all advocate for our kids, but when it comes to ourselves, autism moms usually don't make themselves a priority. That's so wrong. Your life matters, too! If you're ready to make a change but you don't have thousands of dollars to spend on therapy, The Cabana is for you.

Dive in!

Here's what's waiting for you inside The Cabana

  • A new mini-course from me each month that will help make caregiving easier and more effective, or help you heal emotional pain that is making autism parenting so dang hard. You'll build a strong emotional foundation and gain life-changing skills!
  • An intimate peek into my life and how I juggle being a single mom to a boy with severe, nonverbal autism while running two small businesses and homeschooling. It sounds crazy - and most days it is - but we make it work and so can you!
  • A supportive community of autism parents who are ready for positive change, just like you. No judgment, just loving support and friendship.
  • Access to an exclusive Facebook group where you can ask me, other group members and guest experts for advice.
  • Live online events with autism parents who will share how they've created lives that they love.
  • Live online events featuring experts who can make your life as a caregiver easier and more effective. You’ll worry less and have more time for yourself! 
  • Exclusive invitations to The Cabana live retreats where you can meet your new online friends in person and spend an entire weekend focusing just on you!


Read what autism moms are saying about The Cabana!

The Cabana is amazing and so are the women I've met there!

- Amy

It's so refreshing to find a group that focuses on the positive things when living life with autism. And it's not just about my child - it's about my happiness, too!

- Jill

Thank you for pulling me up out of a dark hole this past year with your posts!

- V



Summer is almost here!

I know you're busy finishing up the school year. And then the kids will be home for the summer. And the transition might be rough. And then you'll have the transition back to school. And then the holiday season will begin.

There will ALWAYS be a reason to put off doing something for  yourself. 

But right now is the PERFECT time to join The Cabana, because Mama, you're going to need all the caregiving tips and emotional healing you can get as you navigate through these seasons and transitions.

Yes, you could put it off. But then nothing will change, and you'll struggle through yet another miserable summer, another disappointing school year and another year of heartbreaking holidays.

Let me say it again: YOU DESERVE THIS!

Autism parenting is isolating. It's hard AF. It robs you of your joy.

The Cabana is here to support you and guide you so YOU can live your best life, too.

  • Learn ways to make caregiving easier and more effective, like how to help your child sleep through the night, how to begin a gluten-free, dairy-free diet and how to prioritize your caregiving tasks so you accomplish more AND have some free time.
  • Learn how to silence your inner critic, ignore stares and rude comments in public and identify your autism mom super powers so you can apply them in other areas of your life.
  • If you're an entrepreneur, The Cabana will also support you and promote you to the larger Autism Oasis community.

Meet my "why"

I'm an autism mom, just like you.

My son, Tosh, is 8 years old. He has severe, nonverbal autism. 

We are a happy little family that gets plenty of sleep, takes vacations, eats out at restaurants and loves life exactly the way it is.

But it didn’t always used to be this way.

Like you, I was isolated, depressed, resentful, stressed out and terrified of the future. 

Things turned around when I made some changes to Tosh's diet and applied some simple natural health techniques that allowed him to sleep through the night.

Boy, was that a game changer! Once you get a good night's sleep every night, your outlook on everything changes for the better.

Then I improved my diet and applied the same natural health techniques to myself. I realized I have some of the spectrum issues he does and began applying the things that help him to myself.

By this time, we were both in a better mood. He had fewer meltdowns and when they did come, they didn't last long. He was following directions and learning to communicate using an AAC device. We were able to go to out in public and not feel on edge all the time. He made friends - real friends! - even with neurotypical kids.

We were ready for more.

I improved Tosh's education, discovering an easy and effective way to homeschool him. (He's even on a diploma track!) I navigated the complicated maze of therapies, insurance coverage and waitlists, and got more support for us both. I took control of my career and created a business that provided the flexibility I need as a single mom and caregiver.

I was ready for even more.

The big changes really happened when I dedicated myself to self care. I began work to relieve my depression and released feelings of guilt and shame about Tosh's autism. I found a balance between life as an effective caregiver and life as a happy, fulfilled adult.

And once I was happy, something amazing happened. Tosh was happy, too!

I'd be honored to share what has worked for me and other parents just like you, and support you in your journey. 

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