Teach your nonverbal child to read and communicate


If you know your child is intelligent and you're frustrated by their lack of academic progress, Nonverbal Autism Homeschool is for you.



Feel like you've tried everything? Nervous about using melatonin or pharmaceuticals? This ebook is for you!


Reprogram your brain to eliminate feelings of embarrassment, guilt or shame that ruin your family's public outings.


Our story

My son, Tosh, is 9 years old and has nonverbal autism. Despite his diagnosis, he is thriving academically, communicates well, enjoys playing with friends, and he can go anywhere in the community, including traveling via plane, train or automobile.

I am also thriving. I run my own business, feel healthy and energetic, enjoy time with friends and feel positive about the future (even in 2020!) 

It wasn't always this way. I used to be isolated, depressed and resentful. Tosh wasn't making any academic or behavioral progress, and as he grew older and bigger, I was terrified about the future. 

One morning, after school drop off, I found myself mixing a screwdriver just so I could begin work and make it through the day. I realized this had become a daily habit. Something had to give.

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